The NERC MST Radar Facility at Aberystwyth

Data archiving conventions


The preferred convention, for datasets stored on the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC), is to have a single file per day per data type. Each data type is stored within a separate directory, which has subdirectories by year and by month, and even sometimes by day, i.e. as:


dataset-name is the name of the BADC dataset ('mst' in this case)
data-type-name is the data type name
YYYY is a 4-digit year [1900 - ]
MM is a 2-digit month [01 - 12]
DD is a 2-digit month [01 - 31]

Implementation of this convention within the MST radar dataset

This convention has only been applied within the more recently created data areas of the MST radar dataset. Nevertheless, a similar convention (which only extends as far as having subdirectories by year) has been used for the older data areas.

Full details of BADC common instrument and location names can be found here.