The NERC MST Radar Facility at Aberystwyth

Latest data plots

Plots of the latest 24 hours' worth of data can be found at the Facility's supplementary website.

Plots of the latest 12 hours' worth of data can be found at the Met Office's website.

Plots of Yesterday's data, i.e. 00:00 - 24:00 UTC
These plots (stored on the British Atmospheric Data Centre - BADC) are made available for reference purposes only and MAY NOT be used for publications without prior permission. You do not need to have applied for access to the data in order to view the plots through the following links. Follow this link for access to the entire quick-look plot archive.

Note: Owing to issues with websites hosted by the BADC, the following links currently only point to directories containing plots for the current month. Typically these should point to the plots for the previous day.

Missing recent plots: The creation of daily quick-look plots (and some data files) has been interrupted by a move to the new Jasmin processing system. The software is in the process of being adapted for the new system and the quick-look plots will be available in early 2017.

Plot type Date
MST Radar: ST-mode wind 2017/08
MST Radar: ST-mode turbulence 2017/08
MST Radar: ST-mode diagnostics 2017/08
MST Radar: M-mode 2015/08 - latest plots currently unavailable
Surface met sensors 2017/08
Surface wind sensors 2017/08
Laser ceilometer 2015/08 - latest plots currently unavailable
Sky-camera 2013/09 - latest plots currently unavailable