NERC MSTRF: access to the data

In keeping with NERC's open access data policy: The data will typically be made available through the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) within 36 hours of acquisition. This allows time for processing and for collation of the data into 24 hour blocks. Longer delays may occasionally occur as a result of technical problems.

The open access data policy only applies to the Facility's standard data products, i.e. to the files made available through the BADC on the time scales indicated above. Where possible, the Facility will also provide non-standard data products - e.g. data extracted from the standard files but made available in an alternative format, data derived from non-standard processing, and data made available in near-real time. You will be required to submit an Application for Facility Support and commercial rates may apply for non-academic projects.

Application for Facility Support (AFS)

All users of the Facility's data are strongly encouraged to submit an Application for Facility Support (AFS). It is only by being able to report to NERC on the projects it supports that the Facility is able to ensure continued funding.

It is only obligatory to submit an AFS if you require: Before submitting an AFS, you should
contact the Facility's Project Scientist to check whether the desired support can be provided.

Data users who have not applied for Facility Support should not expect direct help with anything beyond the most trivial of enquiries. They must rely solely on the online resources. They simply need to click on the first link below in order to gain data access.

Click here to apply for access to the MST Radar Facility's dataset through the BADC.

Click here to apply for Facility Support.

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Apply for access to the NERC MST Radar Facility's dataset through the BADC
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