NERC MSTRF: acknowledging use of data

WARNING: This page is out of date. Visit the data access page for updated details.

Use of data from the NERC MST Radar Facility is covered by the Open Government Licence. The principal condition of use is that the source of the data MUST be appropriately acknowledged.

Where the data from any of the Facility's instruments have been used in a publication, the dataset should be cited in a similar way to an academic article, i.e. by including a reference in the main body of the text (this could be in the Acknowledgements section) in one of the following two forms:
  1. Natural Environment Research Council (Year-of-citation)

  2. NERC (Year-of-citation)
and with a corresponding entry in the bibliography/references section of the form:
Natural Environment Research Council, Aberystwyth Radar Facility, [Hooper, D.]. The NERC Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere (MST) Radar Facility at Aberystwyth, [Internet]. British Atmospheric Data Centre, 2006-, Date-of-citation. Available from
where Date-of-citation is the date on which the files were downloaded in YYYY-MM-DD format. If files were downloaded at different times, the date of the last download can be used. Year-of-citation is simply the year part of Date-of-citation.

Data users are requested to send the details of such publications to the Facility's Project Scientist. These will be added to the Facility's publication list.

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